Systemtechnik Hölzer GmbH Laser

With the versatile laser machines using fiber and CO2 from Hölzer Systemtechnik, you can make permanent, fast labeling.

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Air bearing


Systemtechnik Hölzer GmbH Luftlager

In order to meet the high accuracy requirements for positioning tasks, the use of nozzle air bearings has become indispensable in this industry.

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Systemtechnik Hölzer GmbH Trennen

Rent on request

Due to the increased requirements, Systemtechnik Hölzer offers solutions for manual, semi-automatic and fully automated PCB depaneling.

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The year is coming to an end with big steps. To make you happy in the last weeks we give you a discount of 7,5% on all laser orders until 15.12. This year we will be available for you until December 23th. From January 2nd 2023 we will be available for you as usual.




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